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Larry Gonzales, Our Texas State Representative, District 52 » On the Issues
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Larry’s Philosophy: A General Overview

My efforts in Texas State Government are rooted in the belief that conservative principles are the key to creating an economic and social infrastructure which will allow Texas families to succeed and live happy, productive lives. Since 1993, I have been working to put into a position of leadership conservative men and women who I feel strongly share my core principles – a belief in state sovereignty, private property rights, a limited and accountable government, lower taxation, and protection of our individual liberty and freedom.

Create Jobs

Texans are a proud, independent bunch, blessed with a creative and entrepreneurial spirit. Combined with the natural advantages of our great state, Texans have all the resources to lead the nation in job creation, R&D, manufacturing and so much more. Texans have responded by doing just that. But many at the state and Federal levels continue to push for more government regulation over our thriving economy. Larry will work hard to ensure government retains a limited role, fostering this environment where the natural, entrepreneurial spirit of Texans can grow and thrive.

Control Spending

We’ve watched in stunned disbelief as Washington politicians have run the Federal debt to near historic levels. Compared to Washington politicians, Texas has demonstrated great restraint in government spending, but the fact remains we can do more. Our property tax rates are too high and rise too fast, while our sales tax rates are some of the highest in the country. We must make tough choices and find ways to minimize the tax burden on Texans. That means keeping our needs separate from our wants — funding those critical things which are necessary and proper for the government — while encouraging innovative ways to provide non-essential services. In the process, Texas can be a beacon of responsible government that the entire country can follow.

State Sovereignty

Our great state is under attack by a liberal, over-reaching federal administration in Washington D.C. Like never before, an assault on our way of life in Texas is in full force, with a federal government which thinks they can run Texas better than Texans. Texas, and more specifically Central Texas, has largely been insulated from the economic problems which are crippling the rest of our nation. This is not by accident! We have had a conservative, pro-business mindset that has proven to be successful in creating jobs and opportunities for families to succeed. Not only have we put a plan in place, but we have executed that plan behind the strong leadership of conservative Texans. But liberals in Washington are targeting our state, trying to make changes in our system of government they have no right to make.


Larry is a strong pro-life, pro-family candidate. For over 16 years in the legislature, he has worked with state leaders to ensure the sanctity of life is respected, protected, and upheld. Larry will continue to fight to promote research and treatments using adult stem cells – not embryonic. He opposes partial birth abortions and human cloning. Larry supports adoption as an alternative to abortion, and will seek additional state funding for the “Alternatives to Abortion” fund which provides grants to social service groups that assist pregnant women considering childbirth instead of abortion.

Invest in Education

Larry knows that education is not only the ticket to a successful future but — as Jefferson believed — the only true way to preserve our democracy. A great public education is a critical first step to a successful career in our modern economy. More and more, a college degree is also required. That’s why Larry is dedicated to providing a world-class education to our K-12 children, but also to finding ways to expand the opportunity for a college education to as many Texans as possible.

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One of the most basic services our state government provides is good roads. Larry knows that we must find solutions to our transportation challenges. That means pushing to keep more of our tax dollars here in Texas working for us rather than sending them to Washington to be doled out to other states, and finding new ways to fund critical infrastructure while seeking innovative ways to make the most efficient use of the infrastructure already in place.

Government Reform/Accountability

Too often, government gets carried away with its desire to be everything to everyone. Year in and year out there are some in Austin who try their best to make Texas look like California, New York, or Washington D.C. Larry understands this is wrong and that above all else, government must do a good job at a few essential things — things like public and higher education, public safety, and highways — while being transparent and accountable to the people it serves.

Immigration and Border Security

Terror, and those who sow the seeds of terror, exists in every part of our world today, extending across many ethnic groups, posing a constant threat against our country – threats which use our Southern border as a corridor into our lives. Larry knows our border patrol agents, sheriff’s deputies, and local law enforcement officers have their hands full. He also knows our state and local leaders are left to deal with the costs – both fiscal costs and costs to our personal safety and well being.

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Voter ID

While American soldiers are fighting overseas to ensure free and fair elections in foreign countries, Texans have a right to demand that elections right here in Texas are just as fair. Iraq requires a photo ID to vote. So does Mexico. At the heart of way of life is our democracy, and central to its success is a fair election process. The photo ID requirement protects the integrity of our ballot and increases voter turnout by giving Texans more confidence that their vote will count. We have passed a photo ID requirement to vote – with free IDs for those who can’t afford them – in order to ensure the integrity of our elections.

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