Human Trafficking Update

(The following are HUMAN TRAFFICKING notes from the 2014 NCSL conference. I am not presenting as my opinion, just relaying the information as it was presented during the task force meeting)

Cindy McCain, Arizona Humanitarian

Global, $32 billion problem
These are ictims, not prostitutes
Need our help
Funding is the biggest issue to a successfulprogram
Need a network of states working together
NFL and the Superbowl are topic of conversation
Dallas Super Bowl was a really bad example of spikes in trafficking
Not just NFL, but all major sporting events
This is organized crime and a spider web of difficulty
Kids moved all over the country
Unlike guns and drugs which are sold ONCE, kids are sold over and over again
Law emforcement must work and coordinate with local shelters
We need a network of information sharing to track and catch traffickers; states need to be able to share systems
Public awareness is a major variable to success
Need more public/private partnerships to get the message out

Amy Klobuchar, US Senator

Russia and Iran lead the nation in human trafficking
Average age in US is 13
3rd largest illegal activity in the world
Minnesota “Safe Harbor” law is one of the strongest anti-tafficking in the country
A national bill is making its way though the congress
Texas Sen. John Cornyn leading the way
Legislation does not mandate the states act, but does incentivize participation to help get these people back on their feet
When Super Bowl was in NJ, they did well by training of hotel workers and putting law enforcement on specific notice
Radisson Hotels nationwide have a training program to identify trafficking
Not just sex crimes! Slavery in construction, agriculture, and manufacturing businesses.
What can states do?
Law enforcement, advocates working together
Grassroots level working together
Bipartisan efforts
Educating legislators
Securing private funds first
States fund programs now seeing successes, want more success
Really tough criminal sentences
Fines from convictions help pay for the program
This can overcome the partisan gridlock of DC
Girls are stolen, literally at gunpoint, as families fight with sticks and stones


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