The O’Malley Factor

This Maryland Governor has it all WRONG! God Bless Texas!!!

– Larry



Wall Street Journal – STEPHEN MOORE


No politician in America is off to a hotter start in 2013 than Maryland’s Democratic governor, Martin O’Malley.

In recent days, he won support for his 33rd and 34th tax increase when the legislature approved his $3 billion funding plan for roads and transit. The higher fuel taxes and other fees mean that since Mr. O’Malley took office in 2007, Maryland state government costs residents an extra $3.1 billion each year.

“No previous Maryland governor even comes close to Martin O’Malley in terms of the size and the number of tax increases,” Jim Pettit, a spokesman for Change MD, an anti-tax group, tells me. But this is Maryland, which in the last several years has taken a sharp turn to the left politically, so those tax hikes may be no liability at all.

Mr. O’Malley is thought of as a potential presidential or vice presidential nominee in 2016, and there is little doubt his policies in Annapolis are helping burnish the liberal credentials he will need in a party that sees fiscal moderation as a cardinal sin.

But even on social issues, Mr. O’Malley is scoring wins. Maryland Democrats this week passed a tough gun-control law that should help Mr. O’Malley with the MSNBC crowd. And in mid-March, the legislature approved the O’Malley death penalty repeal bill—another victory for the governor.

In November, he played a lead role in getting voters to approve gay marriage—a surprise victory for the left. It’s more evidence that he pushes all the right liberal buttons, though some on the left may be troubled by his tough-on-crime policies when he was mayor of Baltimore.

Mr. O’Malley is done as governor when this second term ends next year, and he has moved the Free State huge leaps to the left, especially in the last 12 months. That’s exactly what liberals want the next president to do and why they are giving Mr. O’Malley a very close look.



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