Boss Talk: Updating Doctors’ Offices With the Help of Cloud Services

April 16, 2013, 7:30 p.m. ET By JON KAMP

In a time when even the corner coffee shop takes orders by iPad, the average doctor’s office remains stubbornly analog. Athenahealth Inc., ATHN -0.22% a provider of software for physicians, is trying to nudge medical management into the cloud.

The Watertown, Mass., company’s systems help doctors submit claims to insurers, track health records and coordinate patient traffic with hospitals, but Chief Executive Jonathan Bush says he wants to get more doctors to start managing their business and patient records online.

Although more health-care providers and hospitals have invested in electronic records, physicians have been slow to embrace the cloud. And while the fast-growing company has roughly 28,000 doctors using its systems, that number represents only about 4% of an overall physician market.

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