WilCo Legislative Priorities

The Williamson County legislative delegation met with County Commissioners this week to hear their priorities for this session. The following is a list of their priorities for the 83rd legislative session.


  1. Unfunded Mandates – Support legislation to protect local governments from unfunded mandates.  We request that you consider the impact on local governments as you consider budget cuts and program changes during this legislative session.
  2. Transportation Funding System – Support legislation that would adequately fund the state’s responsibility to build and maintain state highways.
  3. Mental Health – Continue support of crisis services; maintain current funding to Local Mental Health Authority which allows collaboration to address and resolve community problems locally; and support of “Duty to Accept” legislation to limit the amount of time individuals suffering from mental illness spend in county jails. Oppose mandate for all LMHAs to follow the “NorthStar” model.
  4. Indigent Healthcare – Support legislation permitting county’s Inter-governmental Transfers (IGT) for Uncompensated Care (UC) and DSRIP projects through the Medicaid 1115 Waiver program to be creditable toward the county’s 8% requirement in indigent healthcare; amend the formula for calculation of county’s 8% liability to include only the maintenance and operation portion of the budget, not debt service.
  5. Long-term Water Supply Plan – Support State funding of the State Water Plan, addressing the water supply needs of Texans for future years.
  6. 911 District – Support legislation creating a 911 District in the CAPCOG region, providing greater local control and assuring locally collected 911 fees are completely returned to the region.  Current sponsors Senator Watson, Representative Workman.
  7. Municipal Utility Districts – Consider amending Texas Water Code to require newly created MUD’s to repair and maintain streets within the district ten years after the district creation and require locally agreed upon plan for annexation of MUD into the appropriate city’s ETJ.
  8. Low Income Assistance Repair Program – Continued support of program and legislation that would amend TEXAS HEALTH AND SAFETY CODE to permit qualifying vehicles registered in a participating county for 12 out of the previous 15 months in the Drive a Clean Machine (DACM) program.
  9. Fire Safety in Multi-family residences – Explore ways to protect residents of multi-family dwellings whose apartments were built prior to the fire codes requiring sprinklers in buildings.
  10. Dedicated Funds – Support the timely release of state dedicated funds, such as those for 911 communications, indigent defense and others, to be used for intended purposes.
  11. Speed Limit on County Roads – Support counties ability to set speed limits on county roads appropriately and to the design speed. Currently, the maximum speed limit on any county road is 60 mph, but many roads such as Reagan Blvd. have a higher design speed.
  12. Appraisal and Revenue Caps – Oppose decrease to the appraisal cap, which is currently capped at 10% annually, and oppose county property tax revenue caps, unless state ceases all unfunded mandates.
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