The Gun Show Debate

Travis County Commissioners met Tuesday to consider banning gun shows within the County. Liberals don’t want county-owned buildings used for purposes which they don’t believe in. However, this in no way seems to carry over to tax-payer funds for groups like Planned Parenthood. It doesn’t matter whether another segment of the community is opposed to expenditures based on moral beliefs, liberals only want to ban expenditures THEY disagree with. How about some consistency?

In the example of the gun shows in Travis, eliminating the nine currently scheduled gun shows is estimated to result in a total loss of revenue of approximately $128,000 for the County. While the shows may be held in a county-owned facility, the organizers are not using the facility free of charge. The County’s own facilities management department lists revenue obtained from rental fees, parking and concessions (

Fox 7 conducted an unofficial poll Tuesday night to gauge the opinion of viewers on this issue. Not only was participation significantly higher than usual, but 86% of respondents said Travis County should NOT ban gun shows.

Are we really going to start picking and choosing what types of organizations can rent a local facility? The Commissioners Court needs to take a consistent and fair approach when making decisions, not give in to unreasonable restrictions based solely on emotion.


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