"I will be honored to have your support, your vote, and to serve you in Austin as we tackle the important issues facing our district and our state."

–Larry Gonzales

I am proud to say that I have been a homeowner, business owner, and active member of our community since 1996. Before being elected to serve in the Texas House of Representatives by the voters of HD52, I had worked at the State Capitol for nine legislative sessions in key staff positions. This unique combination of my understanding of the needs of this district, together with my knowledge of state policy issues, prepared me to serve as your State Representative for the past two Legislative Sessions, and the current 84th Texas Legislature. This is an important time in our nation’s history, and with your help, together we can make certain Texans run Texas based on the conservative principles which have made our state the envy of the nation.

Larry Gonzales:
Leadership in the Texas House

  • Texas Association of Business “Fighter for Free Enterprise”
  • Texas Association of Realtors Honor Roll for their “2011 Legislative Hall of Fame”
  • Texas Alliance for Life “Courageous Defender of Life”
  • Texas Retired Teacher Association Best of Texas Legislature “Honorable Mention”
  • Capitol Inside Honorable Mention “Best of Freshmen Class”
  • Heritage Alliance “100% Social Conservative”
  • Heritage Alliance “91% Economic Conservative”
  • Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute 100% Voting Record on “Pledge with Texans”
  • Balanced budget with no tax increases
  • Limit federal intrusion
  • Improve election integrity
  • Cut taxes
  • Secure our borders

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